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Cherry Lane Floral is a small local design group specializing in parties, weddings, seasonal décor and weekly installations for homes and businesses.  We are the manifestation of years of creative design and dedication providing unique combinations of flowers from the most intimate occasions to large corporate festivities.


We are committed to using the freshest elements that are sourced both from local growers and through trusted international buyers who we have worked with for thirty plus years.  Our goal is to show the beauty of floral arrangements made more meaningful through the addition of seasonal, local elements that are incredibly fresh and free of the confines of a traditional approach.


As the lead designer, Jean Kiernan blends her years of experience and fine art education to produce gorgeously unique floral design.  Jean grew up wandering the woods and pastures of Europe gleaning elements from these wild lands to bring home samples to investigate and enjoy.  As a sculpture student she worked with natural elements to create large lavish pieces evoking the woods and fields of her childhood.  She has evolved and adapted her vision to the world of floral design and has created a studio and gardens from which to draw inspiration and create her lovely designs.

Austin Texas & surrounding areas    •    512.656.1832    •

Cherry Lane Floral Arrangements

Cherry Lane provides weekly installations for many businesses and homes.

Using unique containers appropriate for your décor and the freshest flowers, we will provide a weekly delivery, and mid-week refresh if requested.

Cherry Lane Floral Wedding Flowers

We are a full service wedding florist and can develop a custom look for your special event- from the most romantic to contemporary, traditional to eclectic. 

Cherry Lane Floral Holiday Decor

We have been decorating beautiful homes and office buildings for the holidays for years.  We pride ourselves on our ability to make each holiday and event a perfect reflection of your style and taste. 

We will style your tree, decorate your mantle or transform your exterior for each holiday. 

We will also remove and contain your decorations so they will be ready, and intact, for next year.

“When planning your wedding you hope your imagined vision comes true. Flowers were a focal point of our vision. We didn’t think it was possible but Jean’s arrangements exceeded our expectations. I think more people commented on the beauty of the flowers than the brides! ”

Joy Daily

Austin, TX

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